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In 2004, the Public Health Code, 1978 PA 368, as amended, was revised to authorize the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) to charge construction permit and license fees for campgrounds. These fees replaced the general fund tax dollars formerly used to fund the campground program. This revision also authorized that the fees be adjusted every three years by an amount that reflects the cumulative annual percentage change in the Detroit consumer price index. The sixth and most recent three-year change is in effect beginning 10/01/2022 with an increase of 16.2%.

For convenience, a PDF version of the fee schedule below is available for download.

Construction permits

The adjusted Campground Construction Permit fee schedule is as follows and is effective through 2025:

Construction Permit Category


Adjusted Fee

New campground

New facility


Campground addition or modification

Existing facility


The EGLE Campground Construction Permit Application reflects this adjusted fee schedule.

License renewals

The adjusted license renewal fee schedule is based on the number of campsites. The following licensing fee schedule is effective through 2023, 2024, and 2025:

License Fee Category


Adjusted Fee

Annual renewal for 5-25 sites

Before December 31


Annual renewal for 26-50 sites

Before December 31


Annual renewal for 51-75 sites

Before December 31


Annual renewal for 76-100 sites

Before December 31


Annual renewal for 101-500 sites

Before December 31


Annual renewal for 501 sites or more

Before December 31


Late annual renewal

In addition to the above, after December 31



New owner


License renewal applications and invoices are mailed to campground owners every mid-October. Please note that an additional $100 late fee is assessed after December 31.

Local health departments are entitled to collect additional fees for services provided, such as campground inspections. Please contact your local health department for inspection fee information or to request your annual inspection. Please do not send local health department inspection fees to EGLE.

These fee adjustments also apply to Temporary campground licenses.