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Septic Replacement Loan Program

Anne Mitchell - Program minimum standards questions

Michigan Saves - Financing/contractor questions

The Michigan legislature appropriated 35 million dollars for EGLE's Onsite Wastewater Management Unit to develop and implement a statewide, low interest loan program for the replacement of failing and near failing septic systems. EGLE has contracted with third party, green bank lender - Michigan Saves - to design and manage the program. The Septic Replacement Loan Program (SRLP) is divided into two tiers, with both income-based financing (Tier 1) and a market based loan (Tier 2). Systems supported by the SRLP must be evaluated, designed, and installed in accordance with EGLE’s Program Minimum Standards, and must be installed by a Michigan Saves Authorized Contractor. Both Tier 1 and Tier 2 loans will be available to homeowners May 2024.

Program minimum standards

To view more information on EGLE's program minimum standards, watch the webinar and view the standards document.

Watch the overview webinar

Looking for a contractor?

Search for a contractor by location using the Michigan Saves contactor map.

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A glass jar filled with coins with a leafy green sprout emerging
A glass jar filled with coins with a leafy green sprout emerging

Are you a homeowner or contractor that needs more information?

For homeowners applying for financing and interested contractors, visit Michigan Saves for more details.