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Filter First

child filling up water bottle at sink with faucet filter
Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Filter First

To protect Michigan children from exposure to lead in drinking water, the Clean Drinking Water Access Act, 2023 PA 154, and amendments to the Child Care Organizations Act, 1973 PA 116, collectively also known as Filter First, were signed into law by Governor Gretchen Whitmer with an effective date of October 24, 2023. These laws require schools and child care centers in Michigan to develop a Drinking Water Management Plan (DWMP), install lead reducing filters on all consumptive fixtures, and test filtered water. Until exhausted, funding will be available for a one-time acquisition/installation of filtered bottle fill water coolers, point of use faucet filters, and certain maintenance and sampling costs.

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) and the Michigan Department of Lifelong Education, Advancement, and Potential (MiLEAP) have provided a DWMP template, guidance for filters, and training for schools and child care centers.

EGLE and MiLEAP look forward to working with schools, child care centers, and their representatives to ensure the success of the Filter First program and the health and wellbeing of children. If your school or child care center is a regulated Type II (noncommunity) water supply, you will be working with your local health department in the future to implement the requirements. 

Facilities may begin planning and developing a plumbing inventory.


  • Schools and child care centers complete a Drinking Water Management Plan by January 24, 2025.
  • Child care centers ensure that any water furnished to children is from a filtered source by October 24, 2025.
  • Schools have approved filters on all consumptive fixtures by the end of the 2025-2026 school year.
  • Schools and child care centers begin ongoing sampling and certify compliance with requirements once filters are installed. Schools must sample annually, and child care centers must sample every two years.

Guidance materials

Specific Filter First requirements are provided in the guidance materials.

Supplemental tools

  • Initial fixture inventory worksheet
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laptop with the word "Webinar" overlayed

Filter First webinar

EGLE conducted the first webinar, "Preparing to Meet School and Child Care Center Filter First Requirements", on April 10th, 2024 to roll out the new law requirements. This is the first of many webinars and training opportunities to come.

Watch a recording of the webinar