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Energy Ombudsman

Michigan Power Lines
Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Energy Ombudsman

Michigan's Energy Ombudsman guides energy issues, problems or disputes from small businesses and individuals in Michigan to the appropriate entity for resolution. The Energy Ombudsman was transferred to the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) by Executive Order 2019-06. In December 2019, Robert Jackson was named Energy Ombudsman.


Julie Staveland, Acting Ombudsman


In addition to guiding energy disputes to resolution, the Energy Ombudsman:

  • Monitors energy issues to keep stakeholders apprised of developments by Michigan regulatory entities
  • Convenes meetings to share information and developments pertaining to energy policies and administrative processes
  • Monitors the implementation of the code of conduct established by the Michigan Public Service Commission
  • Publishes statistics on unregulated energy services provided by Michigan utilities

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