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Petro Chem Processing Group of Nortru LLC Detroit


Tianna Kilgore, EGLE, MMD, Environmental Engineer

Todd Zynda, EGLE, MMD, Inspector

Petro-Chem Processing Group of Nortru, LLC (Petro-Chem), operates a hazardous waste storage and treatment facility located at 421 Lycaste Street, in Detroit, Michigan.  The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), Materials Management Division (MMD) initially licensed Petro-Chem for the management of hazardous waste in 1999.  The license was last renewed on December 18, 2012.  Petro-Chem submitted a Hazardous Waste Operating License renewal application on June 21, 2022, before the December 18, 2022, expiration date, of the current license.  Timely submittal of the renewal application allows Petro-Chem to continue operating under the current license until EGLE takes final action on the renewal application.  EGLE, MMD, is currently in the process of determining if the application is administratively complete.

Petro-Chem is licensed to store and treat hazardous waste that exhibits the characteristics of ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, and toxicity, and listed hazardous waste.  The current license authorizes:

  • Storage and commingling of hazardous waste in containers in ten areas. 
  • Storage and treatment hazardous waste in four tanks.
  • Several loading/unloading areas.
  • Hazardous waste fuel blending.

Petro-Chem also stores hazardous waste pharmaceuticals.  Petro-Chem’s pharmaceutical storage activities are not part of the hazardous waste license because they are authorized separately under the hazardous waste rules. 

The Petro-Chem license specifies the hazardous waste activities Petro-Chem can perform.  It requires, among other things, that Petro-Chem perform environmental monitoring to identify any releases from their operations.  When a release is detected, the license requires Petro-Chem to investigate the release and clean it up, which is formally referred to as "corrective action" under the hazardous waste regulations.

Part 111, Hazardous Waste Management, of Michigan's Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended, and the administrative rules, and the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976, as amended, RCRA, and the corresponding regulations, identify the standards that must be met when handling hazardous waste management, from generation to disposal. These regulations specify how the facility must operate to protect human health and the environment. They also identify the authorities EGLE has in licensing and overseeing hazardous waste operations.

Public Involvement

The purpose of public involvement is to ensure that the people interested in a proposed EGLE action are aware of the license review and have an opportunity to provide input on the renewal application before EGLE reaches a final decision to approve or deny the application. The community is encouraged to engage with EGLE throughout the application review process. Prior to making a final decision, EGLE will host a formal public hearing to receive formal comments from the community. To start the process early, EGLE has scheduled a virtual public informational meeting.

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To file a complaint or share details about improper waste handling or disposal, contact EGLE through the Pollution Emergency Alerting System (PEAS) Hotline at 800-292-4706.