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Retail Initial Discussion Topic - E-waste


Part 173, Electronics, of the Michigan Natural Resource and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended, aims to provide Michigan residents and small businesses with convenient options to recycle their electronics. To achieve this, the law sets forth certain requirements for retailers, manufacturers, and recyclers of certain kinds of electronics.  

If a retailer sells covered electronic equipment, which includes desktop computers, laptop computers, monitors, tablets, televisions and/or printers in Michigan, they can only sell the covered electronic equipment made by a manufacturer registered with EGLE for the current fiscal year (10/1 through 9/30) and the manufacturer must offer a convenient electronic takeback program for Michigan residents and small businesses.  

To make it easy for retailers to determine if manufacturer is properly registered, EGLE generates a registered brand list. This list is reviewed and updated six times a year as companies complete the registration process.  The list includes manufactures who submitted a registration that was determined to be administratively complete.  

A retailer is defined as any person that sells any of the covered electronic equipment listed above.  The retailer transaction can be through brick and mortar store, a catalog order, mail order, or internet order placed by a Michigan resident or small business.  It does not matter if the retailer has a physical presence in Michigan.  

Devices that are not covered under the law include keyboards, mice, VCR and DVD players, cellphones, stereos, radios, and other electronics.  To learn more about Michigan’s electronic takeback law, go to