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Mega Data Collection Project

Michigan has completed a large data collection project to document and inventory the current materials management infrastructure across the state. The goal of the Mega Data Collection Project was to provide a baseline of data for counties to develop future materials management plans which will provide a roadmap for materials management moving forward.


For the first time, EGLE will be able to answer the 'WHAT' of materials management. With the information collected, EGLE will be able to answer:
  • What materials management services currently exist in Michigan? 
  • What areas are underserved when it comes to recycling? 
  • Where are model programs and how might they be replicated in other communities?  
  • Where are facilities to process and manufacture recyclables and organics? 
  • Where are opportunities for collaboration?


Carlie Money

EGLE has contracted with Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) to assist with data collection. The project began in May 2020, with a focus on municipalities, counties, haulers and materials management facilities.


RRS and EGLE are developing finalized project reports and maps. Some materials have been completes and the remainder are expected to be available to the public in early spring of 2023.

Available Materials:


Would you like to provide information or have questions? Please contact the Sustainable Materials Management Unit at