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Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy


Businesses are one of the cornerstones of a community, providing goods, services, and employment to residents. As a cornerstone of a community, businesses can reduce any negative impacts as a result of their business operation, while still maintaining a profit, through pollution prevention best practices.

Every business generates waste, it may be only waste paper or dirty water; or it could be hazardous or toxic wastes that require special handling and disposal. Whatever the type or volume of waste a business generates, it will pay for it twice - once when buying it and the second time when disposing of it. The bottom line is that preventing waste will save money. 

Programs for Businesses

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RESTART: Retired Engineers, Scientists, Technicians, Administrators, Researchers, and Teachers

RESTART provides no-cost onsite energy and sustainability assessments and consultations to any Michigan business with less than 500 FTEs state-wide and public institutions of any size, including K-12 schools.

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Industrial Assessment Center

MSU’s Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) helps small and medium sized US manufacturers and commercial buildings save energy, improve productivity, and reduce waste by providing no-cost technical assessments conducted by a team of students and faculty.
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Clean Corporate Citizen

C3 publicly recognizes businesses by the state of Michigan for demonstrating environmental stewardship and strong environmental ethics through their operations.