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Nuclear Facilities Emergency Management Plan (NFEMP)

Based on the National Incident Management System (NIMS) developed by the federal government enabling all jurisdictional levels to work together effectively, this plan provides a systematic approach to the activation of radiological emergency response staff; their deployment to the emergency facilities and impacted areas.  Along with this management plan, specific Standard Operating Guides (SOGs) were developed to guide trained and equipped department staff in dose projections, calculations, and protective action recommendations before, during, and after an accident has occurred at a nuclear power plant. The primary purpose of these procedures is to provide radiological protection of the public.


Implementation of this plan will occur when requested by the Michigan State Police/Emergency Management Division (MSP/EMD), the lead emergency response agency for the State of Michigan. Activation is anticipated at an Alert or higher Emergency Classification Level at any Michigan nuclear power facility that indicates abnormal plant conditions exist in which there is a potential or actual airborne or liquid radiological release.


During a radiological accident involving radioactive materials, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) (now Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE)) performs its functions and responsibilities as the radiation control agency of the State. The Department provides monitoring, data evaluation, radiation dose projection, contamination assessment, and other actions as required in response to the potential off-site impact of the specific accident conditions. The Department also advises and assists state and local authorities on all radiological and environmental protection matters, including control of contamination, recovery, re-entry, quality of food and water, countermeasures to minimize radiation exposure, and long-term monitoring and sampling.


Pursuant to both federal and state requirements, the Department implements this plan during periodic drills and federally-evaluated exercises involving each of Michigan's operating nuclear power plants.  The purpose of these drills and exercises is to assure the proper coordination of state and local emergency response personnel and to assure a level of response preparedness that will be effective in protecting the public.