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Brownfield Site Assessments

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Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Brownfield Site Assessments

EGLE offers environmental assessments at no cost to qualified applicants through its Brownfield Site Assessment (BSA) Program. These assessments can assist in the safe reuse of abandoned, vacant, or underutilized properties by determining the environmental conditions at properties known or suspected to be contaminated.

Brownfield Assessments can be utilized to:

  • Market a stagnant property
  • Facilitate real-estate transactions that lead to brownfield redevelopments
  • Provide much needed data to support redevelopment projects

General Information

Purchasing contaminated property does not have to be scary.  That said, it is important to understand what you are getting yourself into and what the law requires once you own or operate on a contaminated property. EGLE has a number of guide documents that will help you to navigate this process.

  • The BEA Guide  describes how conducting a Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA) within 45 days of becoming the owner or operator of a contaminated property can provide liability protection. If a BEA is not performed as part of the property transaction, the new owner will assume liability for the contamination on the property they purchased and be held responsible to clean it up.
  • The Due Care Guide describes your obligation as an owner or operator of a contaminated property to ensure that the reuse of the property is safe and does not result in unacceptable exposures to contamination. Additional information regarding Due Care obligations can be found here.
  • The Guide about Vapor Intrusion describes what to do if contaminants that pose a Vapor Intrusion risk are found on your property.  This is typically identified during the due diligence investigation and BEA process. If the potential for vapor intrusion is identified, it is strongly recommended that you speak to an environmental professional about assessing the risks on your property and next steps. 




Most Properties with known or suspected contamination are eligible.  Priority is given to properties with a proposed or active redevelopment project.  Assessments can also be provided for properties being marketed for sale or lease.   In all cases the current property owner must sign an access agreement prior to EGLE performing the assessment.


Any public entity, non-profit, property owner, developer, or Tribe can contact EGLE to apply. EGLE will seek support for the project from the local municipality before proceeding with the assessment. 

EGLE’s BSA program provides a range of environmental assessments to support both project needs and community development goals. This can include one or more of the following: Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Asbestos and Hazardous Materials Surveys, Baseline Environmental Assessments, due care planning and cleanup options. BSAs are conducted directly by EGLE and our contractors on behalf of an eligible entity.


An eligible applicant can nominate a property at any time – there is no application deadline. The application process is quick and EGLE staff usually determine the project’s eligibility within a few weeks. 

To nominate a property, contact your Brownfield Redevelopment Coordinator.

This funding is made possible by a mixture of  US EPA Brownfield funding and State of Michigan funding.

You can view current and past funded projects in the RenewMI Project Viewer.

Below is a link to our list of Brownfield Site Assessments that have either been completed or are currently underway.  If you have any questions related to these sites, please contact your Brownfield Redevelopment Coordinator.  

View our list of current and completed Brownfield Site Assessments

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