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Obtaining Necessary Sampling Units

Prior to contacting the EGLE State Laboratory to request sampling units, customers with private wells should discuss their water quality concerns with Local Health Department Sanitarians. These professionals can offer advice on the type of testing which is appropriate for their situation.

You MUST call ahead at 517-335-8184 to gain access to the lab complex.


In most cases, only a single test should be requested for each sample container submitted. Exceptions are Unit 33 (inorganic) and Unit 36ME (metals) which are applicable to several analyses on the test list and contain sufficient volume for multiple tests.

Sample container units are described on the Request for Water Analysis form. Note that the numbers identifying each type of unit (under heading, UNIT NUMBER) correspond to those given on available test listings.  Sample unit numbers should be used as catalog numbers when ordering sample containers.

Containers for use in the EGLE laboratory may be obtained in the following ways:

  • Contact your local Health Department for testing recommendations in your area. Once you know what you would like to test for, contact the Laboratory to place your bottle order.
  • All types of sampling units can be obtained from the laboratory. Call 517-335-8184 to speak with our Customer Service Team and order the necessary sampling units.