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Agricultural Assistance Program

The Water Resources Division (WRD) has developed a wetland education and outreach program to serve the agricultural community, private landowners, developers, the public, and others in dealing with agricultural issues pertaining to Parts 301 and 303 of the NREPA, 1994 PA451, as amended.  This program provides programmatic information, presentations, and other general assistance on wetland regulations and agricultural activities.  It also provides field services specific to agricultural producers.

EGLE Services Available for Agricultural Assistance

This program is authorized under Part 303 to assist the public in identifying wetland areas on their property.  The form for WIP services can be found in MiEnviro and requires a fee.  WIP services for blueberry farms are provided free of charge.

Voluntary in-office and on-site meetings are held by WRD District Permitting staff to assist with the planning process to avoid and minimize resource impacts.  Pre-application services can be requested through MiEnviro and requires a fee.  Pre-application services for blueberry farms are provided free of charge.

  • Privately-Owned Cervidae Fencing Facilities

As part of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) privately-owned cervidae fencing facilities registration process, the DNR requests EGLE to provide the landowner with information regarding potential wetland, lakes or streams identified within their proposed facility location. This is completed with in-office resources such as EGLE Wetlands Inventory Map and supplies the landowner information on EGLE services such as WIPs and Pre-application meetings. See the DNR webpage for information on privately-owned cervidae facility registration.

EGLE Permitting Resources

Other Reference Documents Related to Agriculture and Wetlands, Lakes and Streams Permitting