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Privately Owned Cervidae Facility Registration

The regulations related to privately owned cervidae were updated in December, 2006. Cervidae include caribou, fallow deer, sika deer, white-tailed deer, elk, moose, reindeer, and others. If you have, or are interested in having, a facility where animals of this type are held, it is essential that you are familiar with the laws regulating these operations and follow the application procedure to become registered.

Official wording in the law related to privately owned cervidae:

Privately Owned Cervidae Producers Marketing Act
Operational Standards for Registered Facilities


Privately Owned Cervidae New Applicant Packet  - Please call the POC Coordinator before mailing packet at 517-284-6184
Initial (New) Registration and Business Plan Application
Renewal Registration and Business Plan Application
Registration and Business Plan Modification Application
Annual Herd Inventory
Fence Inspection