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Lists of Current Certified Operators

Municipal wastewater certification examinations are offered twice a year, usually in May and November.  Certification is offered for Class A, B, C, D, L1, L2, and SC.  Certificates, other than temporary certificates, are issued for a period of not less than 36, nor more than 39, months.

List of Currently Certified Municipal Wastewater Operators (XLSX)

Industrial/Commercial wastewater operator certification examinations are offered twice per year, usually in February and August.  Certification is offered in 28 classifications, each being specific to a wastewater treatment process.

List of Currently Certified Industrial/Commercial Wastewater Operators (XLSX)

Certification for storm water operators is offered throughout the year by the EGLE's District Offices.  Individuals interested in obtaining either Construction Site or Industrial Storm Water Operator Certification should visit the EGLE Storm Water Web Page for training and examination information.

List of Currently Certified Construction Site Storm Water Operators (XLSX)

List of Currently Certified Industrial Storm Water Operators (XLSX)