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Michigan Rental Efficiency Cohort and Toolkit

RMI and EcoWorks convened a group of leading Michigan cities interested in implementing rental efficiency policies under EGLE's guidance in 2021. With technical, legal, and local support, this cohort investigated the plausibility of rental efficiency incentives, i.e., benefits landlords can harness by meeting a high-performance standard as part of a rental licensing program, and energy labeling and disclosure programs, i.e., initiatives to make energy efficiency information accessible to current and prospective tenants.

The findings of this cohort resulted in the creation of a resource library that can help other Michigan municipalities advance their own rental efficiency policy efforts. Resources include a roadmap of key action items and decision points, legal analyses that define policy options in Michigan, model ordinance language, and over 10 hours of presented content. This content is freely available to city staff and community leaders across Michigan. Please reach out to Michael Gartman at RMI to gain access to the Michigan Rental Efficiency Toolkit.


Michael Gartman, RMI

Julie Staveland, EGLE