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Development interest sought for 226 acres of property in Caro

Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority seeks proposals to purchase and redevelop former Camp Tuscola Correctional Facility and certain surplus Caro Center property

Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018

Erica Quealy

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TUSCOLA COUNTY, Mich.—The Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority is seeking qualification proposals from parties interested in purchasing and redeveloping the 226-acre parcel composed of former Camp Tuscola Correctional Facility property and portions of surplus Caro Center Psychiatric Hospital land in Tuscola County.

Camp Tuscola became state surplus property in 2012 after Michigan Department of Corrections determined the facility was no longer needed. Portions of the Caro Center property were declared surplus after the Caro Center Project was underway.

“We are excited to work with local officials to return these three large parcels of land back to productive use,” Michigan Land Bank Director Josh Burgett said. “Priority will be given to projects that create taxable value and create jobs for Tuscola County.”

An advisory committee has been established with local stakeholders to ensure the community is part of the redevelopment process.

“The Michigan Land Bank generously provides important expertise in helping the Tuscola County Economic Development Corporation facilitate job growth and job retention – helping us address present needs to build a stronger future for our community,” Tuscola County EDC Executive Director Steve Erickson said.

Looking out for community needs and opportunities, local legislators have been instrumental in ensuring the redevelopment plans are in the best interest of the constituents they serve.

“It has been my pleasure working with the Michigan Land Bank to help this process pave the way for new development and job creation with future projects on this property,” Sen. Mike Green said.

“As a member of the local advisory committee working in conjunction with the Michigan Land Bank, I see this step as the first of many benefits for a win-win situation between the state of Michigan, local units of government and developers who will be submitting plans for review,” Rep. Ed Canfield said.

This Request for Interest and Qualifications offers a qualifications-based process that will be used to select a prospective purchaser who will proceed to a negotiated purchase/development agreement.

Respondents may propose purchase and development of an entire area, or portion of, in either single or multiple development phases, and they may submit for one or more projects, and for one or more of the areas. Proposals should include a concept or vision for the site in both narrative and drawing(s).

Questions concerning this RFI-Q must be posted on the State of Michigan SIGMA Vendor Self Service (VSS) no later than Dec. 7, 2018. In the interest of transparency, only written questions posted on VSS will be accepted.

A complete electronic copy of the final must be received before noon Eastern Time on Thursday, Jan. 3, 2019, through VSS. Late responses will be disqualified.

To learn more about the Michigan Land Bank, visit