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New Missaukee land bank brings economic development, revitalization opportunities to community

State Land Bank works with Missaukee County to launch the 47th local land bank in the state

Friday, Sept. 13, 2019

Contact: Gabby Abel

LANSING, Mich. – The State Land Bank Authority announced the creation of a local land bank in Missaukee County on Friday. Missaukee County joins Dickinson, Eaton and Huron counties as the fourth land bank created within the last month – bringing Michigan to 47 local land banks statewide.

Creating a land bank at the local level creates more opportunity for counties to engage with their community as well as return unproductive properties back to the local tax roll.

“This is an exciting time for Land Banks in Michigan. This much engagement at the local level is a great indicator of positive things to come, and I look forward to the work Missaukee County will do to develop and revitalize their county,” said State Land Bank Interim Director Jeff Huntington.

The State Land Bank has seen an increase in the number of local land banks that have been created within the past three years. This uptick is a positive sign that more counties are interested exploring the benefits of land banking and are taking a serious look at the development needs of their community. Since 2010, a total of 16 county land banks have been created.

“The creation of a county land bank opens up more opportunities for our community,” Missaukee County Treasurer Lori Cox said. “Our hope is that through the utilization of a land bank authority we can finally begin work on redevelopment of a foreclosed elementary school, bringing more value to our community.”

The State Land Bank works with counties across the state who are interested in beginning the process of creating their own local land bank. Unless a local land bank is created, the state assumes the role as primary resource for land banking within the county.

In addition to the State Land Bank’s 2,500 available properties, local land banks also have inventory with a number of available properties. Visit to view the statewide listing of properties and to locate your local land bank.