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MiSTEM partners with MDE to host first annual Computer Science Education Leadership Summit

Michigan celebrates Computer Science Week,  highlights STEM education paths to high-demand careers

December 8, 2020
Contact: Beata Kica, 517-614-9773

The MiSTEM Network is partnering with the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) to host the first annual Computer Science Education Leadership Summit, a virtual gathering of stakeholders and leaders in the field to discuss how to support Michigan schools as they continue to implement computer science education to better prepare students for the growing array of in-demand careers in the field. The virtual summit will take place from 10 a.m. to noon on Friday, Dec. 11.

The event brings together organization and business leaders, higher education institutions, curriculum leaders, legislators, administrators and computer science teachers for a meaningful discussion and collaboration on how to improve Michigan's computer science education landscape and make it more accessible for all students across the state.

“Computer science is a key element in strengthening existing education models and preparing students for future career paths,” said Megan Schrauben, Executive Director of the MiSTEM Network. “This is an opportunity to bring education and business stakeholders together to continue the important work of building computer science opportunities that position Michigan students for career success in our rapidly changing workforce.”

The summit will include a discussion of Michigan’s Computer Science Education Landscape Report and next steps for Michigan’s implementation. 

“Developing students’ knowledge and skills for careers in computer science remains critical to building an innovative workforce of the future. Strengthening partnerships and creating awareness are essential steps on the path to making Michigan a national leader in computer science education in support of our children,” said State Superintendent Dr. Michael Rice.

Studies indicate that CS education can help students beyond computing and has been linked with higher rates of college enrollment and improved problem-solving abilities.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has proclaimed December 7-13 Computer Science Education Week in Michigan, recognizing that computer science is a 21st-century skill that is listed among the top 50 job growth areas in Michigan.

Click here to register for the summit. To explore other ways to get involved in computer science learning, visit MiSTEM’s Computer Science Education page.

The MiSTEM Network – which unites education, business and community partners across the state – is creating pathways for all students to consider and pursue high-wage, high-demand careers. Housed within the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity, the MiSTEM Network was created to make STEM learning more accessible across the state and position more Michigan students for career success in our rapidly changing economy. Learn more at