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Veterinary X-Ray Shielding Guidelines

Radiation shielding plan review approval must be obtained from the Radiation Safety Section for veterinary radiographic installations. Conventional drywall structures may provide sufficient shielding for veterinary radiographic machines in some cases, depending on workload, occupancy and distance to adjacent areas. However, even for a low workload veterinary office, we recommend that the enclosure be shielded with a minimum 1/32 inch lead equivalency to ensure adequate protection and to allow growth in workload without requiring what could be costly modifications to upgrade the shielding. This shielding should extend from the floor to a minimum height of 7 feet.

We remind you that in addition to room shielding, Rule 409 (7) requires that, to protect the feet of veterinarians or their assistants from the primary beam while restraining patients, the underside of the radiographic table be protected by at least 1.6-millimeter (1/16 inch) lead or equivalent protection. This item is not evaluated as part of the plan review evaluation, but is verified upon inspection by the department.

Updated: October 24, 2017

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