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Reopening Your Claim for Benefits

  • Reopening Your Claim for Benefits

Restart your claim

Reopening Your Claim for Benefits

  • Things to know when reopening an existing claim:

    • Do not create a new account. Use your same MiWAM username and password you used previously.
    • Reopen your claim during the first week of unemployment or reduced work hours or wages.
    • Have your Employer Account number (EAN) or Federal Identification Number (FEIN). It may be provided by your employer or found on your W-2.
    • Payments will be made using the same payment method previously selected.
      • If you previously had a debit card, the funds will be added to the card.
      • To change your payment method, click the Claimant Services tab; then click Modify Benefit Payment Method.
    • Be sure to read and respond to all requests for information to avoid payment delays.
    • When certifying for benefits, be sure to report your gross earnings (amount before taxes and other deductions) in the week in which they were earned, not when you were paid.
    • After you've completed your claim, a Confirmation page will display the date of your next certification.

    Reopen or File Your Claim Online with MiWAM at

    Questions? Contact UIA Customer Service at 1-866-500-0017 or Chat with an agent using MiWAM.

  • View the step by step video - Reopening Your Claim;

    Reopening Your PUA Claim