M-STEP Paper/Pencil Directions and Online Test Directions and Manual

M-STEP Online and Paper/Pencil Test Administrator's Directions and Manuals includes all information that a Test Administrator needs to know to administer the M-STEP assessment. With the exception of the Test Directions for content and grades you will not administer, Test Administrators are required to read the document in its entirety before administering the M-STEP assessment.


Test Directions and Manual

(updated 4/1/21)

Test Directions and Manual

(updated 4/2/21)

Online Grade 3  Paper/pencil Grade 3
Online Grade 4  Paper/pencil Grade 4
Online Grade 5   Paper/pencil Grade 5
Online Grade 6 Paper/pencil Grade 6
Online Grade 7 Paper/pencil Grade 7
Online Grade 8  Paper/pencil Grade 8
Online Grade 11  Paper/pencil Grade 11