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Section 31o

Section 31o


What is 31o?

Section 31o of the State Aid Act provides funds to eligible districts and intermediate districts to increase the number of psychologists, social workers, counselors, and nurses providing services to students in Michigan schools. The intent of the legislation is to provide a gradual reduction in funding over the course of the three-year period between fiscal year (FY) 22 and FY24; requiring participating districts and eligible intermediate school districts to fully fund staff after the third year. The funding is scaled as follows:

                Year 1 (FY 22): 100%

                Year 2 (FY 23): 66%

                Year 3 (FY 24): 33%

                Year 4 (FY 25): Fully funded by the district, PSA, or ISD


31o Town Hall May 2023


31o Reporting in GEMS/MARS Information