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Teaching Comprehensive History

Teaching Comprehensive History

Teaching Comprehensive History

“As members of a diverse state, nation, and world, school staff and students need to know our rich, complex history. These powerful webinars, along with the provided resources, encourage Michigan educators and school leaders to deepen their knowledge so they may share with their students. As searing as some of our history is, we have a responsibility to teach it all.” -Dr. Michael Rice, State Superintendent

About the Webinar Series:

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) is hosting a webinar series in collaboration with institutions of higher education, cultural centers, and the 12 federally recognized tribes of Michigan that form the Confederation of Michigan Tribal Education Departments to assist educators with the teaching of and learning about comprehensive history through thematic instruction. An essential part of MDE’s efforts to improve comprehensive history instruction is to support teachers with opportunities to expand their knowledge of particular areas.

This webinar series will help educators learn more about historical movements, events, and peoples that are part of the rich, diverse history of our country and world. Each webinar session will feature a unique presentation on a given subject. Presenters will help educators learn more about movements in and aspects of history. Registration is now open to all educators for the free virtual webinar series, with the understanding that the content may be more useful for teachers of particular grade levels than others.

Participants may earn 1 SCECH for each session they attend. The sign-up link will be shared during the webinars.

If you have questions regarding this support for the Teaching Comprehensive History learning series, please contact the social studies team at

Organizations supportive of the comprehensive history instruction series include but not limited to the following: