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Best Food Forward

Best Food Forward (BFF) is a planned 10 year initiative where multiple community partners will work to bring the families of two Michigan school districts to full food security in order to improve measured outcomes in academic achievement, student behavior, mental and physical health, and economic stability. Designed as a scalable and replicable pilot that can be implemented at other school districts across the state, BFF embraces the “whole child” educational approach where positive educational and social outcomes are achieved by nourishing children physically, mentally, and academically at home and in the community, in addition to at school and in the classroom. The project will build healthy food systems within each targeted school community by creating community linkages between schools and faith-based, business, service, volunteer, pantry, and other social service organizations; the two-year period for which funding is requested will kick off BFF tracking and assessment for 200 youth and 100 families over the next 10 years on a wide range of health, educational, and economic outcomes.


Local Partners

Gleaners Community Food Bank

Food Bank of Eastern Michigan

Wayne State University