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Work-Based Learning Health Services Academies

Under Section 251 of PA 9 of 2022, $250,000 is provided for the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) to allocate as competitive grants to school districts and intermediate school districts that provide pupils in grades 9 through 12 with expanded opportunities for work-based learning health services academies hosted in partnership with the National Academy Foundation (NAF). Programs funded under this Section are intended to increase the number of pupils who are college- and career-ready after high school graduation in the critical-needs occupations in health care services.

NAF Academies of Health Sciences act as a solution to addressing these workforce needs by providing high school students with industry-focused courses and hands-on, work-based learning experiences with professionals. NAF's Health Sciences curricula includes courses on Anatomy & Physiology, Global Health, Health Career Explorations, Professional Ethics, and Biotechnology; which provide the foundational knowledge and transferable skills and competencies necessary for success in high-demand health services careers.

Grant Resources and Application Materials