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CTE Students and Families

Portrait of Various Young Professionals

CTE Students and Families

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What is CTE?

Students enrolled in state-approved secondary career and technical education (CTE) programs have an opportunity to acquire skills that prepare them for successful career entry, advancement, and/or continuing education. Watch some videos that highlight various programs throughout Michigan.

Career and technical education, or CTE, is education that directly prepares students for high-wage, high-demand careers. CTE covers many different fields, including health care, information technology, advanced manufacturing, hospitality and management and many more. Each secondary state-approved program is required to integrate four key components:

  • Classroom Instruction
  • Laboratory Learning
  • Work-based Learning
  • Student Leadership

What CTE programs are offered for secondary students in Michigan?

MI School Data, Michigan's official data source, has the ability to search by location or program for CTE Programs Offered. In addition, view the "College Credit Opportunity" column in your search for CTE programs that offer Early Middle College (EMC) or Dual Enrollment opportunities. 

Interested in all EMC programs in Michigan? 

Visit MI School Data and check out all Early Middle College locations in Michigan or check out the Michigan Department of Education's Early Middle College official webpage.  

What colleges and universities offer CTE?

View program overview and obtain a list of colleges and universities who are Perkins Award recipients.