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K-12 School Accreditation

The Michigan Department of Education, in collaboration in Cognia, provides unified online resources designed to comply with federal requirements for having a Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) and assisting Michigan schools and districts with their school improvement and accreditation efforts while avoiding duplication of efforts. 

District- and School-Level Accreditation Reporting Requirements

The accreditation process requires improvement and data/diagnostic reports to be completed by schools for accreditation status. Below are links to additional information for schools and districts regarding the completion of those reports.

Cognia Accreditation Support for ASSIST and eProve
Cognia Technical Support: (888) 413-3669

MDE School Improvement Support
Office of Educational Supports: (517) 241-6963

Historical School Accreditation Information
Historical School Accreditation and School Accountability Results


College and University Accreditation

Regionally accredited colleges and universities are recognized by one of the following agencies.