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Educational Development Plan (EDP)


All students are required to develop an Educational Development Plan (EDP) with guidance from school advisors.  EDPs are “living” documents, updated as student interests and abilities become more obvious and focused. All students must be provided the opportunity to develop an EDP during grade 7, and then time to review and revise every year through grade 12.  See Section 11 of the Revised School Code, PA 451 of 1976 (380.1278b) for all legislative requirements.  

EDP Fundamental Guide

The Educational Development Plan (EDPs) Fundamental Guide provides educators with critical information to implement EPDs for all students, including:

  • The importance of starting early
  • Michigan legislative requirements
  • Essential elements 
  • Talent portfolios

This is a companion document to the Michigan Career Development Model which will assist districts in providing career and college readiness activities for students K-12. 

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Data Object Resource Guides

Many schools use a third-party vendor to help streamline this important work.  Examples include: