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Assessment Calendars

The Assessment Calendars page pulls together the different formats available of important dates, related to state assessments, that have been created by OEAA. The formats available are excel, pdf, and google calendars. The dates are the same across each format, but some do have more detail than others. The high school assessments, PSAT for grades 9 and 10, and the MME (SAT with Essay, WorkKeys, and M-STEP) do have different combinations of the assessments, which can be helpful based on an assessment coordinator's responsibilities.


3-Year OEAA Calendar

Summative Testing Schedule - Current Year Excel dates

2024 Assessment Calendar

2022-2023 Summative
Testing Schedule

Excel Date File
(Includes all Assessments)
Updated 11/30/2022


Grade Levels Important Dates (pdf) Google Calendar (Link) Date Last Revised
K-12 All Assessments 11/03/2022
K-2 Early Literacy and Mathematics Benchmark (K-2) pdf Early Literacy and Mathematics Benchmark (K-2) 11/03/2022
3-8, 11 MI-Access FI, P, and SI pdf MI-Access FI, P, and SI 11/03/2022
3-8, 11 M-STEP pdf M-STEP 11/03/2022
8, 9, 10 PSAT pdf PSAT
Includes: PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10
11 SAT pdf SAT 11/14/2022
K-12 WIDA for English Learners pdf WIDA for English Learners
Includes: WIDA ACCESS, WIDA Alternate ACCESS, WIDA Screener, 2022/2023
11 ACT WorkKeys pdf ACT WorkKeys 11/14/2022



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