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Career Development Resources 

Educational Develpment Plans (EDPs)

All students are required to develop an Educational Development Plan (EDP) with guidance from school advisors.  EDPs are “living” documents, updated as student interests and abilities become more obvious and focused.

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Michigan Career Development Model

The Michigan Career Development Model (MI CDM) is designed to provide all students (K-12) in the Michigan educational system with the necessary knowledge and skills for success in a career of their choice and lifelong learning.

Michigan Career Development Model

Postsecondary Credit Agreements

A postsecondary credit agreement means a formal agreement, between secondary and postsecondary education institutions or systems, that grant students transcripted postsecondary credit. 
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Post-Graduation Opportunities Information Packet

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has partnered with the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO) to enhance the Pathfinder Resources page with organized resources that will help students and their families review college information, find financial aid information, get a job, serve their community or country, assess their skills if unsure of their path, and explore opportunities to earn college credit or receive training in high school.   

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