Unanticipated School Closure SFSP Information

In the event of unanticipated school closures (extreme cold day, snow day, water main break, frozen pipes, electrical issues, flooding, natural disasters, illness, etc.) Sponsors may participate in Unanticipated School Closure SFSP. Due to the mandatory closure of all Michigan K-12 schools, the Michigan Department of Education is allowing all Sponsors who participate in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), School Breakfast Program (SBP), and SFSP to serve meals during this time. During this mandatory closure meals/snacks served must meet the meal pattern and are not required to be consumed onsite.

Questions for Unanticipated School Closure SFSP - 3/20/20

Unanticipated School Closure SFSP Decision Tree


Sponsor Steps to Participate in Unanticipated School Closure SFSP

1. Submit your intent to participate in Unanticipated School Closure SFSP Intake Form (Please do this ASAP). If you need to make a modification to the Unanticipated School Closure SFSP Intake Form and you used your MEIS login, you can login and select the submitted form and make changes to the form. If you submitted the Unanticipated School Closure SFSP Intake Form as a guest, you will need to complete a new form with the changes. 

Information needed:

  • Sponsor name and agreement number
  • Name, phone, and email of contact person
  • Start Date of Serving during Closure
  • End Date of Serving during Closure
  • Site name - may add up to 20 sites (more than 20 fill out an additonal intake form)
  • Site address (unless mobile route)
  • Meal(s) to be served
  • Meal service start and end times
  • If adult meals will be available (through another funding source)
  • Additional information – provide information here on what days of the week you are serving meals and the type of service at the site, i.e. grab and go, mobile delivery to sites, delivery along bus route, etc.

2. Watch SFSP Training Videos (must be completed prior to completing the intent to participate in Unanticipated School Closure SFSP Intake Form).

3. Participate in Unanticipated School Closure SFSP training, webinar, or webinar recording. This task must be completed by 3/20/20.

4. Provide complete meals or snacks following the SFSP Meal Pattern. Sponsors can receive reimbursement for up to two meals/snacks per site per day (except lunch and supper served on the same day at the same site).

5. Use the Daily Meal Count Form, Multiple Meal Distribution Meal Count Form, Meet Up and Eat Up App, or a POS System to take point of service meal counts during meal service. If your site is not eligible for the SFSP using either 50% free/reduced applications or census map data, it is recommended to use a roster or take children’s names when children receive a meal(s). As much as possible, continue with standard POS practices.  

6. Keep production records and/or menus for meals served, including invoices, receipts, etc.

7. Submit Unanticipated School Closure SFSP Claim for the month in MiND within 60 days of the last day of participation in Unanticipated School Closure SFSP (more information and directions forthcoming).


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