Professional Learning


MICIP Mindset

MICIP Mindset

Overview & Mindset

MICIP Overview and Mindset (Video)

MICIP Overview and Mindset Slides and Speaker Notes (PDF)

Whole Child

Michigan Whole Child Definition

Whole Child: Overview (Video)

Whole Child: Overview Slides and Speaker Notes (PDF)

Whole Child: Data (Video) 

Whole Child: Data Slides and Speaker Notes (PDF)

Whole Child: Next Steps (Video)

Whole Child: Next Steps Slides and Speaker Notes (PDF)


Educational Improvement Through Systems - five modules about systems and how they support continuous improvement – created by Calhoun ISD




MICIP Platform

MICIP Platform

MICIP Readiness Materials

Readiness Webinar (video)

Data Readiness Checklist (Doc)

Data Readiness Tool (Doc)

MICIP Process in the Platform – a walkthrough of the MICIP platform

Assess Needs (Video)

Plan (Video)

Implement, Monitor/Adjust, Evaluate (Video)