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Date Summary of Communication
January 14 Help! MI Service Desk; MICIP Platform Authorization Process; New MICIP Resources Available!; 2021-2022 Continuous Improvement Plans; MICIP Platform Helpful Hint; MICIP Process Guide Note
January 4, 2021 Special Edition Go LIVE! Announcement; Accessing the MICIP Platform; Limited Launch Partners Tested the Features of the MICIP Platform; MICIP Process Guide Available Now; Professional Learning to Support Implementation; Thank You Partners! 
December 17 MICIP Professional Learning Opportunity TOMORROW: MICIP Log-in and Data Readiness Checklist; MICIP Continuous Communication Returns Jan. 4; MICIP Availability to Local Districts Memo; Process of gaining access to MICIP; Your MICIP Questions Answered; Engaging in Continuous Improvement – Funding the Plan; MICIP – The Year in Review; Cognia ASSIST Resources Available until Dec. 31
December 3 MICIP Readiness Resources; Engaging in Continuous Improvement – Evaluating the Goal; Your MICIP Questions Answered; Your MICIP Monthly Reminder; Cognia ASSIST Resources Available until Dec. 31
November 19 Engaging in Continuous Improvement – Implementing, Monitoring, and Adjusting; Your MICIP Questions Answered
November 5 Are you wondering; “How will I log into the MICIP Platform? Will I have yet another username and password to remember?”; Engaging in Continuous Improvement – Identifying Activities; Your MICIP Questions Answered; Your MICIP Monthly Reminder 
October 22 MICIP limited launch is underway!; Engaging in Continuous Improvement – What is the right strategy?; The 2020 Michigan Virtual Continuous Improvement Conference was a success!; Your MICIP Questions Answered
October 8 Engaging in Continuous Improvement – What is the right strategy?; Join us for Virtual MiStrategyBank ISD Leader Training; Fall 2020 Michigan Continuous Improvement Conference; MICIP Data Usage Agreement Available; Your MICIP Questions Answered
September 24 MICIP Going Live!; MICIP is ready when districts are ready; Simplify your login process: Get connected to the MiDataHubs now!; Engaging in Continuous Improvement – Determining Targets Dates; Your MICIP Questions Answered; Fall 2020 Michigan Continuous Improvement Conference; Download your PDFs from ASSIST by September 30
September 10 Engaging in Continuous Improvement – Identifying Targets; Your MICIP Questions Answered; Downloading PDFs from ASSIST; Fall 2020 Michigan Continuous Improvement Conference
August 27 Getting Ready to Access MICIP; Engaging in Continuous Improvement – Setting Goals; Your MICIP Questions Answered; Fall 2020 Michigan Continuous Improvement Conference; REMINDER: Changes in DIP/SBDIP/SIP/PET due by September 1
August 13 Engaging in Continuous Improvement – Root Cause Analysis; Your MICIP Questions Answered; REMINDER: Changes in DIP/SBDIP/SIP/PET due by Sept. 1; Fall 2020 Michigan Continuous Improvement Conference goes virtual
July 30 MICIP Efforts Fostering True Collaboration; MiStrategy Bank and REL Midwest train educators on ESSA Tiers of Evidence; REMINDER: Changes in DIP/SBDIP/SIP/PET due by September 1; Update on MICIP Testing; Professional Learning Update; Getting Ready for Continuous Improvement – Data Analysis Process
July 9 - Special Edition Exciting Update about MICIP Testing
June 18

New Resources Feature on the MICIP Website; Getting Ready for Continuous Improvement – Data Inventory; Under Development: MICIP Readiness Diagnostic Tool;Current DIP/PET/SIP Requirements; Fall 2020 Michigan Continuous Improvement Conference; Next Issue of Continuous Communication will be July 30

June 4 Getting Ready for Continuous Improvement – Working as a Team; How is Your Organization Getting Ready for Continuous Improvement? – Share With Us!; New Professional Learning Resources on the MICIP Website; Fall 2020 Michigan Continuous Improvement Conference; RE; MINDER: DIP/PET/SIP Reporting Requirements; MiDataHub is an Essential Component of the MICIP Platform
May 21 Working together for a better MICIP; Professional Learning: Getting Ready For Continuous Improvement – Building Your Team: District and School Improvement Plan Reminders; District and School Improvement Plan Reminders
May 7 Preparing for MICIP using the Readiness Checklist; Introducing MiLaunchPad!; Selecting Strategies with the MiStrategyBank; Please Share Continuous Communication; Feedback is Essential for Continuous Communication
April 23 Welcome to the first edition of Continuous Communication; Where do I find out more about MICIP?; Coming up in 'Continuous Communications'; Give us feedback

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