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Paper/Pencil Sample Item Sets

The sample items included in this set can be used by students and teachers to become familiar with the kinds of items students will encounter on the paper/pencil summative assessments.The sample items demonstrate the rigor of Michigan’s academic content standards. They are not to be interpreted as indicative of the focus of the M-STEP assessments; they are simply a collection of item samples. Every standard is not included in this sample set.


English Language Arts (ELA) Sample Items English Language Arts (ELA) Answer Key
Grade 3 ELA Sample Grade 3 ELA Answer Key
Grade 4 ELA Sample  Grade 4 ELA Answer Key
Grade 5 ELA Sample Grade 5 ELA Answer Key
Grade 6 ELA Sample Grade 6 ELA Answer Key
Grade 7 ELA Sample Grade 7 ELA Answer Key 
PSAT 8/9 will be used as of Spring 2019 N/A
SAT will be used for ELA  N/A

Answer Keys for Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science are included in the back of the sample booklet.

Mathematics Sample Items Social Studies Sample Items Science Sample Items/Answer Documents
Grade 3 Math Sample Grade 5 Social Studies Sample Grade 5 Science Sample Grade 5 Science Answer Document
Grade 4 Math Sample Grade 8 Social Studies Sample Grade 8 Science Sample Grade 8 Science Answer Document
Grade 5 Math Sample Grade 11 Social Studies Sample Grade 11 Science Sample Grade 11 Science Answer Document
Grade 6 Math Sample      
Grade 7 Math Sample      
Grade 8 Math - PSAT 8/9 will be used as of Spring 2019      
Grade 11 Math - SAT will be used for Math