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District Assessment Inventory Toolkit

District Assessment Inventory Tool

The District Assessment Inventory Tool is a resource for building and district level administrators, along with lead teachers, to use to help identify the assessments being used in-district, determine why they are being used, and to decide what data can be collected from their use.  This tool can be downloaded and edited.  The intent of this tool is to provide support to districts as they align assessment with district improvement, student growth and achievement, and to deepen stakeholder understanding of student assessment.  Because this can be downloaded, districts are able to add and delete columns as they find need.  For example, some columns that districts may add include:  Title Funds Allocated, Funding Sources/Cost, Hours of Active Assessment, Continue Using Assessment, School/District Improvement Plan Alignment, Use in Student Learning Objective, etc.  

Below is a list of intended column information:   

Assessment Name:  What is the common name of the assessment with which most people in district associate? 

Requiring Entity:  Who requires that this assessment be delivered?  Is it a district purchased/created assessment?   

Grade Level Assessed:  Which students take this assessment? 

Course/Subject:  What is the main set of standards with which this assessment is aligned? 

Reason for Assessment:  Why is this assessment delivered to these students?  What is the expected use of the outcome data? 

Type of Assessment:  What is the nature of this assessment (summative, progress monitoring, diagnostic, etc.)?  

Alignment to Standard/Skill:  What is the alignment of the assessment?  Is it aligned with State Standards, Reading Skills, Behavior Expectations, etc.? 

Purpose of Delivery:  Why was this assessment chosen to be delivered to students?  Does this meet the needs of the district as it improves? 

Delivery Method:  How is this assessment delivered?  How does that delivery meet the need of all students?  Does this method of delivery align with College, Career, and Community Readiness?  

After districts complete the Inventory they may want to use the following guiding questions in order to better understand their assessment inventory: 

  • What assessments do we use to identify student readiness, to monitor student progress, and to collect information on systems and district initiatives? 
  • Does the district use multiple assessments that cover and provide the same, or similar, information?  
  • Are all assessment used needed? 
  • Should the district provide professional learning around the assessment system? 
  • What gaps are shown by the inventory and how can we ensure that we are receiving complete pictures of our student success?   

Access the District Assessment Inventory Tool here!