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  • High school transcripts are a detailed record of a student’s academic career. Specifically, the transcript tracks the graduation requirements a student has met or still needs to meet. 
  • MCL 380.1279g states that high school transcripts must include a students scaled score on the Michigan Merit Exam (MME) and their days in attendance.

  • No, local districts decide what their transcript will look like and what information it includes. Aside from the required information (assessment scores and attendance), districts determine the structure and format of their transcript. For example, some transcripts include course names and student grades, while others might break down the content standards included in the course and use pass/fail versus a letter grade.

    Michigan currently has a contract with Parchment, Inc., to deliver the Michigan e-Transcript Initiative. Parchment can help students request transcripts and share them with other schools and universities across the world. It is not required that Michigan schools use Parchment, they have the option to use any third party or to create their own transcript directly.