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  • There are no required courses for meeting the ELA requirement. Students must earn at least four credits in ELA that are aligned with subject area standards for the English Language Arts. Students may earn this credit in traditional reading and writing courses, but they may also earn credit through courses that integrate the ELA standards. For more information, see the ELA Credit Guidelines and Michigan K-12 Standards: English Language Arts.

  • Only students with disabilities and transfer students may modify the ELA requirement with a personal curriculum. See Personal Curriculum.

  • Sec. 1278b (1) 

    Except as otherwise provided in this Section or Section 1278a, beginning with pupils entering 8th grade in 2006, as part of the requirements under Section 1278a the board of a school district or board of directors of a public school academy shall not award a high school diploma to a pupil unless the pupil has successfully completed all the following credit requirements of the Michigan merit standard before graduating from high school: 

    1. At least four English Language Arts credits aligned with subject area content expectations developed by The Department and approved by the State Board under this Section.