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Online Learning Experience

  • Students must successfully complete at least one online course or learning experience. The Michigan Department of Education has developed Online Learning Guidelines that describe in more detail the options for fulfilling this requirement.

  • Yes, the requirement may be satisfied by an online experience at the middle school level, but students are encouraged to continue with online learning throughout high school.

  • While districts will need to ensure students complete this requirement, the law does not mandate that a student be given credit for this experience or that this experience be recorded on a transcript.

  • No. While a student may test out of a subject or course required by the Michigan High School Graduation Requirements, the law does not mention testing out of the online requirement. The online requirement is unlike the other graduation requirements in that it is more about the process than the content. It is about the process of pursuing learning in an online environment and not about computer skills or additional content. It is unlikely that any kind of testing-out assessment (like an end-of-course exam) could truly "test" the process that occurs when a student engages with content, other students, and a teacher online.

  • 1278a (1)(b)

    Meets the online course or learning experience requirement of this Subsection. A school district or public school academy shall provide the basic level of technology and internet access required by the State Board to complete the online course or learning experience. For a pupil to meet this requirement, the pupil shall meet either of the following, as determined by the school district or public school academy:

    1. Has successfully completed at least one course or learning experience that is presented online, as defined by The Department.
    2. The pupil's school district or public school academy has integrated an online experience throughout the high school curriculum by ensuring that each teacher of each course that provides the required credits of the Michigan merit curriculum has integrated an online experience into the course.