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Personal Finance

  • Beginning with the students entering 8th grade in 2023, .5 credits in Personal Finance must be earned as part of the MMC.

  • Yes, the personal finance standards were already required as part of the 3 MMC social studies credits. This new requirement pulls out the personal finance standards and attaches .5 credits to them. Michigan K-12 Standards for Social Studies.

  • No, students can meet this requirement in any course that embeds the content standards. This could include a CTE course or any curriculum that aligns to the adopted personal finance standards. The .5 credit is awarded for demonstration of proficiency on the 6 recognized personal finance standards.

  • Yes, the personal finance requirement can lessen either the world language requirement or the VPAA requirement by .5 credits. This allowance keeps the MMC credit requirement at 18 credits overall. The student’s transcript would only reflect credits earned through proficiency, not credits removed.

  • Yes, the personal finance credit can count as meeting part of the 4th math credit. The 4th math credit is outside the adopted standards, meaning anything related to math can count. A personal finance course could count for .5 credits of personal finance and .5 credits in math. This structuring of courses and credits is a district level decision. When used this way, the MMC total would be at 18.5 credits overall.