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Visual, Performing, and Applied Arts (VPAA)

  • There are no required courses for meeting the VPAA requirement. Students must earn at least one credit in VPAA that is aligned with Michigan K-12 Standards for VPAA. Students may earn this credit in traditional courses, but they may also earn credit through courses or experiences that integrate the standards. For more information see the Michigan Merit Curriculum: VPAA Course/Credit Requirements.

  • Yes. Starting with the graduating class of 2016, a student has the option to reduce the number of World Language credits to1and increase the Visual, Performing, and Applied Arts credits to 2.

  • There are multiple ways that the VPAA requirement can be modified by a personal curriculum. See Personal Curriculum.

  • Sec. 1278a (1)(iv) 

    At least one credit in visual arts, performing arts, or applied arts, as defined by the Department, that is aligned with guidelines developed by the Department and approved by the state board under section 1278b. A school district or public school academy is strongly encouraged to offer visual arts and performing arts courses.

    Sec. 1278a 

    A pupil may partially or fully fulfill one credit of [a world language] by completing a department-approved formal Career and Technical Education (CTE) program or curriculum or by completing visual or performing arts instruction that is in addition to the requirements under Subsection (1) (a)(iv).