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Online Instructional Resources - Early Childhood

General Early Childhood Online Resources for Ages 0-5 

*Please note this list is not exhaustive – it is a small compilation of suggestions as to where to access supplemental early childhood materials 


Website Link? 

PBS Learning Media Videos, games, lesson plans and supplemental materials can be searched by grade level, subject area, keyword and standard.? Content contributors include KET, PBS, PBS Kids, NASA, the National Archives, the Library of Congress and many more. 

PBS Learning Media 


GoOpen Michigan is a library of open education resources.  Join a network of Michigan educators who are dedicated to using high quality, openly licensed educational resources. 

GoOpen Michigan 

Zoom has made their online conferencing platform free of restrictions during the  
COVID-19 state of emergency.   


With the growing impact of COVID-19, ReadyRosie is developing this free toolkit as a resource to support families with information and resources for supporting the children in their care. 

Healthy at Home 

HighScope is offering free weekly packets of family activities for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. 

Packet 1 

Packet 2 

Catch Health has set up a Google Classroom to provide free and easy access to several of CATCH’s evidence-based health, nutrition, and physical education materials.  These activities require limited space and supervision, and are organized into three sections: Physical Activities, Activity Breaks and Family Health and Nutrition.  


More than 100 original ebooks?carefully crafted to connect with young children and their families. Books are written in English and Spanish and include audio narration in 43 languages. 

Unite for Literacy 

Storyline Online allows families to stream videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations.? 

Storyline Online 

This link from Zero to Three provides ideas for talking to children about COVID-19 in developmentally appropriate ways. 

Zero to Three 

The Child Mind Institute has provided suggestions for talking to children about COVID-19 and include a helpful video for adults. 

Child Mind Institute 

The Agency and Young Children Research Collective offers guidance to teachers, parents, and caretakers seeking to educate young children using online technologies and to schools and districts seeking to support parents and continue children’s academic progress while they are away from school.  The information is available in English and in Spanish.? 

Agency and Young Children Research Collaborative 

The Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (ECTA) offers resources regarding tele-intervention. 

Tele-Intervention and Distance Learning 

The Division of Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children offers resources regarding the COVID-19 state of emergency. 

Division for Early Childhood 

Child Trends - During the COVID-19 state of emergency, telehealth can help connect home visiting services to families.  Child Trends offers resources and support for implementing telehealth for home visiting.  

Child Trends 


The Early Childhood Personnel Center offers COVID-19 state of emergency resources for Part C, Early Childhood Special Education, and for families.  

Early Childhood Personnel Center 

The US Department of Education provides resources for Protecting Student Privacy. 

US Department of Education 

The National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management provides an online tele-intervention course. 

National Association for Hearing Assessment and Management 

American Occupational Therapy Association provides information pertaining to occupational therapy in the era of COVID-19. 


American Occupational Therapy Association 

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association includes extensive information on key issues and resources (including HIPAA, funding). 

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association 

The American Physical Therapy Association includes a variety of resources on practice and billing and a blog post on telehealth ethics Best Practice and the Law (Aug 2019).?? 

American Physical Therapy Association 

Zero to Thrive was built on the premise that the period from pregnancy through early childhood is an especially sensitive time for mitigating the multi-generational effects of inequity, trauma, and adversity, as well as promoting mental health.  

Zero to Thrive 

The World Health Organization helps parents interact constructively with their children during this time of confinement, these six one-page tips for parents cover planning one-on-one time, staying positive, creating a daily routine, avoiding bad behavior, managing stress, and talking about the COVID-19 state of emergency.  

World Health Organization 

Prevent Child Abuse America provides Coronavirus Resources & Tips for Parents, Children & Others. 

Prevent Child Abuse America 

K-12 is an online education provider who has opened some of its resources for free to families during the COVID-19 state of emergency.  Its Stride component starts at pre-kindergarten and offers an online, adaptive game-based learning platform for math, reading, language arts, and science that is accessible 24/7 on tablets, PCs, and Macs. 

K-12 Family Resources 

YouTube Kids has channels designed for families with preschoolers that contain activities including learning at home, DIY/indoor activities, learning number, and read along. 

YouTube Kids 

Twinkl has teaching resources online for early childhood through secondary age.  There is a free resource packet available as well as free 30-day access using code?CVDTWINKLHELPS. 

Twinkl is an international community of early years practitioners who have a wealth of knowledge and a huge bank of ideas and activities collected to help parents and caregivers find fun things to do if they find themselves unexpectedly at home with younger children. 

Most of the ideas have an educational slant with a play-based format that are simple enough for most people to do at home, with items they already have. 

ABC Does 

National Head Start Association provides COVID-19 state of emergency resources and other supports for families.  

National Head Start Association