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Special Education Director/Supervisor: Administrator Certificate Requirements

Pursuant to Michigan Compiled Law (MCL) 380.1246 and in accordance with the memoranda* issued by the Michigan Department of Education list below, an administrator of special education who is considered to be “administering instructional programs” must hold:

  1. a valid administrator certificate; AND
  2. an approval for director or supervisor of special education through the Office of Special Education.

An administrator of special education is considered to be “administering instructional programs” if she/he has responsibility for aspects listed below: 

  • curriculum;
  • district or school improvement plan design or implementation;
  • instructional policies;
  • executive-level reporting on academic progress to governing authority; OR
  • supervision and evaluation of direct reports responsible for instruction.

Please refer to the February 23, 2017 Definition of “Administrating Instructional Programs” memo for detailed information about each area.

Information about administrator certification requirements can be found within the School Administrator Certificate guidance. School districts must apply for a School Administrator Permit if the individual is not yet qualified for an administrator certificate.

School districts may employ an individual who has a school administrator certificate but who does not have approval for director or supervisor to serve in the role of a special education administrator; however, that individual's position shall not be reimbursed using special education dollars.