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Military to Education Career Transition

Educator Recruitment a Major Highlight in State School Aid Budget

 The governor and the legislature worked together on a budget that supports the state's Top 10 Strategic Education Plan goals. Specifically, the budget includes an unprecedented $555 million to support the educator workforce in fiscal year 2023, including:

  • Future pme logo$175 million for Future Proud Michigan Educator Staff programs to support school employees who desire to earn educator certification and Future Proud Michigan Educator EXPLORE programs to provide students in grades 6 to 12 the opportunity to experience careers in education. 
  • $355 million for Future Educator Fellowships and student teacher stipends. These funds will be disbursed by the Department of Treasury and information is available on the New Programs for Future Educators webpage.     
  • $15 million for Future Proud Michigan Educator Veterans. This program provides a method for districts to offer a paid mentorship and salary for military veterans seeking educator certification.
  • $10 million for Future Proud Michigan Educator CTE. This program provides funding for intermediate school districts to recruit and hire Career and Technical Education educators.


For more information, see the Michigan Department of Education press release on the FY 2023 budget and read the full details of the budget.

The Michigan Department of Education is working diligently to make these unprecedented funds available as soon after the October 1 start of the fiscal year as possible. Application information will be posted to the Future Proud Michigan Educator page as soon as it is available.