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Section 27h Mentoring and Induction Grants

To help increase retention of new teachers, administrators, and counselors, Section 27h of the State School Aid Act authorized three separate grants totaling $50 million related to mentoring and induction for the 2023-24 fiscal year and beyond: 

  1.  $500,000 to an intermediate school district or other educational organization to partner with the Michigan Department of Education to create standards, curricula, and professional learning for mentors of teachers, administrators, and counselors.
  2. $500,000 to an evaluation entity to evaluate effectiveness of mentoring and induction programs in Michigan.
  3. $49,000,000 to districts over a 5-year span (with no more than 10 million a year) to provide stipends, professional learning, books and materials, staffing costs to cover time spent for mentors and new teachers to meet during class hours, and contracting with professional organizations to provide mentoring services. 

This project is currently under development. The application for the first of these grants focused on creating standards, curricula, and professional learning for mentors will be released in early 2024. Please continue to follow this page for more information in the future.