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Michigan Teacher Leadership Advisory Council


Michigan Teacher Leadership Advisory Council

The Regional Teachers of the Year, including the Michigan Teacher of the Year (MTOY), form the Michigan Teacher Leadership Advisory Council (MTLAC). During their year of service, the group of teacher leaders representing ten regions across Michigan regularly meet to share issues of importance to teachers and students with MDE, as well to provide input on proposed state and department initiatives.

The MTLAC began in 2017 with 24 educators from across Michigan applying directly to the MDE for selection to the advisory council before shifting to its current format in 2018-19 with membership determined through the MTOY program application process.

Congratulations to the 2024-25 Regional Teachers of the Year

Region 1: Michael Powers, a social studies teacher at Manistique Middle/High School in Manistique Area Schools.
Region 2: Molly Dunham, a third-grade teacher at Kingsley Elementary School in Kingsley Area School
Region 3: Kristen Ritter, a mathematics teacher at Greenville High School in Greenville Public Schools.
Region 4: Laura Baker, an English teacher at Shepherd High School in Shepherd Public Schools.
Region 5: Sasha Wakefield, a mathematics teacher at Clio High School in Clio Area Schools.
Region 6: Cassandra Eberhardt, a social studies teacher at Williamston Middle School in Williamston Community Schools.
Region 7: Melissa Frost, a science teacher at Buchanan High School in Buchanan Community Schools.
Region 8: Kristina Dennis, a third-grade teacher at Onsted Elementary School in Onsted Community Schools.
Region 9: Kelley Cusmano, an English Language Arts teacher at Rochester High School in Rochester Community Schools.
Region 10: Calvin Nellum, a science teacher at Detroit Academy of Arts & Sciences.

Meet the 2024-25 Regional Teachers of the Year