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SIGMA Security Section

Staff of the SIGMA Security Section is responsible for:

  • Providing assistance to users of financial data in retrieving information from the SIGMA application. The staff maintains a library of scripts or queries, each designed to extract specific data in a preset format. Staff also has the capability to design queries and reports for specific needs of the users.

  • Developing and maintaining the financial profiles used by the MILogin system to identify and classify financial data. Examples of profiles maintained are: accounting templates, department object codes, program numbers, program award document numbers and program cost account numbers.

  • Granting and maintaining security access to the MILogin system, which includes SIGMA Administration (Financial and HR), SIGMA Business Intelligence, SIGMA Employee Self-Service, SIGMA Financial and SIGMA HRM, and coordinating security activities between departmental personnel and the Department of Management and Budget.

Jodi Woodman, Financial Analyst
Phone: 517-241-2173