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Academic Acceleration (Gifted & Talented Student Resources and Supports)

Academic Acceleration is the advancement of students designated as Gifted and/or Talented (based upon assessment) in a particular subject or subjects. Placement in and access to academic opportunities with relevant options and choices to accelerate the student's learning ahead of where they would be in the regular school curriculum, is a researched and evidenced-based approach to support the unique needs of these identified students. It has been described as a "fundamental need" for Gifted students, as it provides students with level-appropriate material. The practice occurs worldwide. In Michigan, several flexible learning options are available for students identified as Gifted & Talented (G & T).

Guidance for Academic Acceleration

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE), in partnership with various stakeholders, has created this Guidance for Academic Acceleration for districts to ensure that all students are supported in reaching their highest academic potential. This document was created in 2019 and was originally aligned to Michigan's previous strategic plan titled, "Top 10 in 10". Although Michigan's Top 10 Strategic Education Plan has been updated, the information in the Guidance for Academic Acceleration may still be useful for districts, schools, educators, and families. Coming Soon: MDE Revised Guidance for Academic Acceleration

MDE collaborates with districts and a wide range of partners and stakeholders in support of students and their achievements. Parents, students, and educators who would like to learn more about options, services, and resources for G & T students are encouraged to visit the Michigan Association for Gifted Children website, which provides additional materials and resources to explore - including information regarding specific Michigan PreK-12 schools/districts and Institutions of Higher Learning with identified related programs and services.