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Summary of Required Training Hours

School nutrition directors not only have their own annual training requirements, but also oversee training for managers and staff.  Keep in mind these key points:

  • The number of annual training hours required each year varies by job category.
  • Training is measured in hours, and may include shorter time periods.  It is recommended that there are at least 15 minutes per training segment.
  • The use of tracking tools is recommended to document completed training for all staff.

USDA Professional Standards – Summary of Required Training for School Nutrition Employees

Job Category

Annual Requirements*


12 hours 


10 hours 


6 hours 

Part-time staff (<20 hours/week)

4 hours

Mid-year hires in all categories

(January 1 or later)

One-half of training requirements for each job category

 * Annual requirements apply to the 12 months between July 1 and June 30.