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Meal Count Forms

All sponsors must use daily site records to document the number of Program meals served to children. The sponsor must provide all necessary record sheets to the sites. Site supervisors are responsible for keeping the records each day. The site staff must complete the records based on actual counts taken at each site for each meal service on each day of operation. Sponsors will not receive reimbursement for the meals served at their sites if the sites do not keep this daily record. This record must be accurate, and site staff must enter the appropriate information at the end of each meal service.

Sponsors should collect site records at least every week. When sponsors collect the site records, they should check for the site supervisor's signature. Any sponsor serving vended meals must be sure the figure entered as the number of meals delivered on the site record is the same as that entered on the vendor's report. If there is any discrepancy between the numbers, the sponsor should immediately contact the vendor and site supervisor and resolve the problem. The sponsor should make a permanent note of the discrepancy as well as the action that was taken to resolve it.

Daily Meal Count Form

This form is very important and must be completed each day. The Daily Meal Count Form must include the number of meals delivered or prepared by type (breakfast, snack, lunch, supper). Vended programs must support this information with a signed delivery receipt. Programs with a central kitchen also should support this information with a signed delivery receipt. A designated member of the site staff must verify the adequacy and number of meals delivered by checking the meals when they are delivered to the site.

Multiple Meal Count Form

Every day, each site must take a point of service meal count. This form is to track meal counts when multiple days of meals are provided at one time. The form must list the number of days that will be provided in the meal package and list the specific dates that the meals are intended to be eaten by children. Meal types must be listed (breakfast, lunch, supper or snack) and must be counted accurately. A menu must be provided with multiple meal distribution so families know which food items make up each meal.

Field Trip Meal Count Form

This form is used if the site is going offsite for a field trip. The menu and questions on the first page must be completed along with the Daily Meal Count Form.

Weekly Consolidated Meal Count Form

This optional form is used to aid the sponsor with calculating weekly meal counts. 

Record of First Meals Served

This form is required for Sponsors with more than one site, or if the sponsor only has one site and the site receives vended meals. This form needs to be updated daily by the site staff and available for review.

Daily Meal Count Form (with instructions)

Multiple Meal Count Form

Field Trip Meal Count Form

Record of First Meals Served - 5 days

Record of First Meals Served - 7 days