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Sponsor Monitoring Requirements and Forms


Sponsors must ensure that they meet the minimum monitoring requirements. Sponsors must visit all new SFSP (does not include sites used for Unanticipated School Closure SFSP) and problem sites prior to operation and complete the Pre-Operational Visit Form for each. The purpose of this type of pre-operational visit is to determine that the site(s) have the appropriate facilities and, if possible, to meet with the site personnel.

All sponsors are required to conduct Initial Site Visits of all sites within the first two weeks of operation.

All sponsors must conduct a thorough review of all sites at least once during the first four weeks of program operations. The sponsor must complete the Monitor Site Review Form for each site reviewed. If a site operates for less than four weeks, the Monitor Site Review must be completed prior to the site's closure.

Regulations require monitoring continue through the length of SFSP participation at a level sufficient to ensure that sites comply with program regulations. Sponsors must be able to document these monitoring requirements are met.

MDE has developed a monitor tracking tool. This is an optional form that can be used by sponsors to plan for and keep track of all reviews that are required by the SFSP.

Table Summarizing Minimum Site Visit/Review Requirements

All Sites

New Sites

Problem Sites

Sites with New, Inexperienced, or Unskilled Staff

Pre-Operational Visit




Initial Site Visit

  • Within the first 2 weeks of operation


Monitor Site Review

  • Within the first 4 weeks of site operation
  • Can be completed at the same time as the Initial Site Visit


Pre-Operational Visit and Initial Site Visit Forms

The Pre-Operational and Initial Site Visit forms must be used to document site visits.

Monitor Site Review Form

This form must be used by sponsor monitors to conduct a thorough review of each site's operation. The sponsor should leave a copy indicating any corrective action with the site supervisor or representative and conduct a follow-up visit to ensure corrective action has been completed.


Pre-Operational Visit Form

Initial Site Visit Forms

Monitor Site Review Form

Monitor Tracking Tool